Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Because there is nothing better than a homemade hot buns

Hi All , 

Sorry for the long overdue post.. I've been a busy mom juggling mommy duties and baking baking baking ..hehehe. Well my previous post was in late july and now it's nearing the end of Septemeber!! My gosh where had the time gone to.. these pass few weeks or this year I probably have used these phrase quite a lot..like a lot!! Seriously. The time flies like so fast these days.. next thing you know it's Christmas. Well speaking bout Christmas, I've already starting to list down what menus I wanna make, bake & have this year..I even planning to join a bake sale this year. *Cross fingers* I just love Bake Sale!

Well here was I've been up to for the past few weeks ..just for you lovely folks out there!! Enjoy and I'm sorry if I've broken your keyboard with all the drooling after you scroll down.

Here goes nothing ........................!! My Sweet Buns in the making :D

and the end result... yummy soft fluffy sweet buns!! Delicious!!

and last week my dearies .. it's all about fresh baked buns, pretzels & soft fluffy donuts !! Yummmmmmmmm!!

Till my next post sweeties!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Late July Baking Sessions

Victoria Sponge Cake (Jem & Fresh Cream Filling)
Hi All!
Just wanna say Holla in a quick bit and show you all my recent baking goodies during the last week of July. So far..I've made Chocolate Eclairs, cream puffs, and last but not least my very 1st Victoria Sponge Cake ( Recipe by Mary Berry - the British Queen of Cakes) I love love love her Victoria Sponge Cake recipe..it was crumbly and less sweet which left me with a classic linger..U know the one grandma used to bake for you when you were kids. That really brings back memories. This recipe is a keeper!!

On to the next dessert.. the Chocolate Eclairs! I was thinking of making the filling just by using a whip cream (fresh cream) but then it got me thinking and curious on making the French Pastry Cream. It was like it's calling me to make it..and I got motivated after looking through the recipe..Hey! this wasn't so hard..It doesn't look that horrible. Just follow the steps and instructions and I will be just fine! Yessss...that's the motivation! Ready..set..go!! After making it the night before I baked my Eclairs, tasting the Pastry cream..My Gosh!! It was so delicious!! And I thought to myself that why on earth that I allowed myself not doing this sooner! It was a God send!! So definitely going to make this filling again!!

This week I have two(2) cakes assignments. One(1) is a friend of mine and I thought of designing her cake using a Rose Pipping style..since she don't have any specific decorations ideas..so I thought ..Why Not? and the Second(2nd) assignment is going to be our daughter's birthday..she's turning three(3) already..so soon!! This birthday she requested a castle cake!! I do have few ideas on hand..let's just see how these cakes will turn out. Hope for the best and faith.

Cream Puff
Chocolate Eclairs

 Stay tuned to my next post!!
Sunday, July 26, 2015

Frozen Theme Color Cake

Hey All!!

I'm back with my latest cake post! My daughter is turning 3# very soon!! More like in two(2) weeks plus minus..mommy is getting excited and abit nervous though as what cake or more like what cartoon she prefer the most. She has been asking Frozen..Castle..Barbie doll cake..gosh so many to choose from but undecided still. And lately she has been so into Peppa Pig cartoons ..and few days ago been telling me for the Peppa Pig birthday cake. Now this mama is getting more confused than before. Hmm!!  Don't get me wrong, I just wanna make sure she will have a magical birthday too like she had last year.

Anywhere.. I'd made a Pre-Birthday Cake for her yesterday. It was a frozen theme layer cake..with frozen theme colors ..actually I was planning to make a rainbow cake which has 5 colors..but then I was in the midst of dividing the cake batter equally ..found out that the batter was only enough for 3 cake pans. Alas I decided there and then to make a frozen theme color cake ..with a shade of purple & blue. It was a yellow cake recipe. The texture was fluffy and crumble, not too sweet as I've reduced the sugar in the batter, as I will be using buttercream as my cake frosting. I don't want the cake to be overwhelming sweet..coz that will be bad. I prefer it to be that way..so that the taste will be balance.

What do you think? She was so ecstatic seeing her pre-birthday cake and even told me "Good Job Mommy!" Awww...*happy tears*

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Purple & Blue Layered Cake
Till my next Cake Post guys!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vanilla Chocolate Carrot Flavor Cupcakes & A Cake with a Frozen Theme To Go!! =D

Hi All!! 

Here are some of my cupcakes & a cake which I made last week!! 

Till my next cakes & cupcakes post!!
Yours truly!
Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY and aftermath..

Hi Friends,
Gong xi fa Chai!! How was your CNY celebration?  I hope u all enjoyed yourselves during the CNY festivity. As for me and my family we had an episodes of house visiting starting from the CNY Eve and it was wonderful and not mentioning abit  tiring too..with the  extra hot weather weighing us down..however, besides that everything was great. My daughter received her fair share of angpows from the elders.

I did managed to squeezed abit of time to bake us a cake..just for the sake of not wanting to waste the leftover carrots.. Yes, and well u know I just want some cake in the fridge in case I want to munch on it..he he he. I'd made a carrot fondant decor to go with the cake. Do u think its nice? I think its not bad for a 1st timer like me ya.. :)

Till my next post , cheers !! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lemon Iced Cake for tea break?

Hi Friends,

It was a one of those afternoon that I was craving for some homemade cake that I can munch and enjoy with a cup of Joe! Enthusiasm kicks in as I remembered that I have one piece of lemon left in my fridge..a lemon cake with lemon icing drizzle on top of freshly baked cake. Sounds tempting and yet wonderful!! And off I went to my kitchen to make myself & my daughter (Chloe) a scrumptious cake for the tea-break / milo-break (for my daughter)

It was a really easy cake to make and the ingredients are basic..flour,sugar,butter,eggs,milk,and LEMON! Ahhhaaaa!! After an hour time, my cake was finally out of the oven. While it was cooling on the rack, I quickly prep the lemon icing that I need to pour onto the cake. Ingredients ? Just 2 ..they were icing sugar and again LEMON..the juice!! After that was done, just pour onto the cake. And there you have it, Lemon Iced Cake :)

I hope you enjoy my post for today, till my very next post..I hope to bring you more homemade cakes and looking forward to your comments or emails :)

Till then, cheers!!
Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cakes.. Birthdays & Baby Fullmoon's Celebration!

Hi Friends!

Chinese New Year is around the corner! How was your weekend and Valentine's day? I hope everything is well with all of you :)
Last week was a wonderful week plus a busy busy week,however.. I'm not letting it go for this week..its Chinese New Year week and one of the sacred week for Christians. With Chinese New Year (CNY) ..there's the house visiting to relatives and friends and the Ash Wednesday for Christians..means attending Mass & abstaining from eating meat ..hehehe. Well that's life ya! :D

Ok, enough with that..let me tell you what was baking in my kitchen last week. Wowwweeee !!!
The event was yesterday which was the Sunday.. it was my cousin's baby fullmoon ..yes, she ordered carrot cake & red velvet with a horse theme. Glad she likes the cake! :) Thank you Carol for your order , I had a really wonderful time baking & creating it.

Sunday was also my sis-in law birthday! Made her the most delicious Carrot Moist Cake covered with cream cheese icing! It was a surprise cake..hahaha..everyone enjoyed it :D

You see..one of the greatest joy of baking is having people who had your cakes and telling you how delicious the cake was besides the time you are mixing,creating & cleaning the afterwards..hehehe

Well, till my next post! Take care all :)

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