Sunday, July 26, 2015

Frozen Theme Color Cake

Hey All!!

I'm back with my latest cake post! My daughter is turning 3# very soon!! More like in two(2) weeks plus minus..mommy is getting excited and abit nervous though as what cake or more like what cartoon she prefer the most. She has been asking Frozen..Castle..Barbie doll cake..gosh so many to choose from but undecided still. And lately she has been so into Peppa Pig cartoons ..and few days ago been telling me for the Peppa Pig birthday cake. Now this mama is getting more confused than before. Hmm!!  Don't get me wrong, I just wanna make sure she will have a magical birthday too like she had last year.

Anywhere.. I'd made a Pre-Birthday Cake for her yesterday. It was a frozen theme layer cake..with frozen theme colors ..actually I was planning to make a rainbow cake which has 5 colors..but then I was in the midst of dividing the cake batter equally ..found out that the batter was only enough for 3 cake pans. Alas I decided there and then to make a frozen theme color cake ..with a shade of purple & blue. It was a yellow cake recipe. The texture was fluffy and crumble, not too sweet as I've reduced the sugar in the batter, as I will be using buttercream as my cake frosting. I don't want the cake to be overwhelming sweet..coz that will be bad. I prefer it to be that that the taste will be balance.

What do you think? She was so ecstatic seeing her pre-birthday cake and even told me "Good Job Mommy!" Awww...*happy tears*

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Purple & Blue Layered Cake
Till my next Cake Post guys!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vanilla Chocolate Carrot Flavor Cupcakes & A Cake with a Frozen Theme To Go!! =D

Hi All!! 

Here are some of my cupcakes & a cake which I made last week!! 

Till my next cakes & cupcakes post!!
Yours truly!
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