Monday, February 9, 2015

From Cupcakes to Cakes!!

Hi Friends!

Yes! I finally created a blog which says more CAKES in it! My previous blog which by the way is still up and running ( 1780 CUPCAKES) will be more on and off. In this blog, I will be more on CAKES, however I still will be taking cupcakes orders as well. No worries all!

I'm planning to create and bake more delicious and beautiful cakes for you all. Prices has been revised to make it more affordable to everyone. Ingredients which will be use are also fresh and with good quality. Therefore, if you see its a bit pricey..meaning more good quality ingredients are utilized.

I hope all of you will stop by more and keep checking and if you would like to try these cakes and cupcakes...pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't hesitate to contact me.

Till my next post! Cheers!!

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