Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lemon Iced Cake for tea break?

Hi Friends,

It was a one of those afternoon that I was craving for some homemade cake that I can munch and enjoy with a cup of Joe! Enthusiasm kicks in as I remembered that I have one piece of lemon left in my fridge..a lemon cake with lemon icing drizzle on top of freshly baked cake. Sounds tempting and yet wonderful!! And off I went to my kitchen to make myself & my daughter (Chloe) a scrumptious cake for the tea-break / milo-break (for my daughter)

It was a really easy cake to make and the ingredients are basic..flour,sugar,butter,eggs,milk,and LEMON! Ahhhaaaa!! After an hour time, my cake was finally out of the oven. While it was cooling on the rack, I quickly prep the lemon icing that I need to pour onto the cake. Ingredients ? Just 2 ..they were icing sugar and again LEMON..the juice!! After that was done, just pour onto the cake. And there you have it, Lemon Iced Cake :)

I hope you enjoy my post for today, till my very next post..I hope to bring you more homemade cakes and looking forward to your comments or emails :)

Till then, cheers!!


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