Thursday, August 6, 2015

Late July Baking Sessions

Victoria Sponge Cake (Jem & Fresh Cream Filling)
Hi All!
Just wanna say Holla in a quick bit and show you all my recent baking goodies during the last week of July. So far..I've made Chocolate Eclairs, cream puffs, and last but not least my very 1st Victoria Sponge Cake ( Recipe by Mary Berry - the British Queen of Cakes) I love love love her Victoria Sponge Cake was crumbly and less sweet which left me with a classic linger..U know the one grandma used to bake for you when you were kids. That really brings back memories. This recipe is a keeper!!

On to the next dessert.. the Chocolate Eclairs! I was thinking of making the filling just by using a whip cream (fresh cream) but then it got me thinking and curious on making the French Pastry Cream. It was like it's calling me to make it..and I got motivated after looking through the recipe..Hey! this wasn't so hard..It doesn't look that horrible. Just follow the steps and instructions and I will be just fine! Yessss...that's the motivation! Ready..set..go!! After making it the night before I baked my Eclairs, tasting the Pastry cream..My Gosh!! It was so delicious!! And I thought to myself that why on earth that I allowed myself not doing this sooner! It was a God send!! So definitely going to make this filling again!!

This week I have two(2) cakes assignments. One(1) is a friend of mine and I thought of designing her cake using a Rose Pipping style..since she don't have any specific decorations I thought ..Why Not? and the Second(2nd) assignment is going to be our daughter's birthday..she's turning three(3) soon!! This birthday she requested a castle cake!! I do have few ideas on hand..let's just see how these cakes will turn out. Hope for the best and faith.

Cream Puff
Chocolate Eclairs

 Stay tuned to my next post!!


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