Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Because there is nothing better than a homemade hot buns

Hi All , 

Sorry for the long overdue post.. I've been a busy mom juggling mommy duties and baking baking baking ..hehehe. Well my previous post was in late july and now it's nearing the end of Septemeber!! My gosh where had the time gone to.. these pass few weeks or this year I probably have used these phrase quite a lot..like a lot!! Seriously. The time flies like so fast these days.. next thing you know it's Christmas. Well speaking bout Christmas, I've already starting to list down what menus I wanna make, bake & have this year..I even planning to join a bake sale this year. *Cross fingers* I just love Bake Sale!

Well here was I've been up to for the past few weeks ..just for you lovely folks out there!! Enjoy and I'm sorry if I've broken your keyboard with all the drooling after you scroll down.

Here goes nothing ........................!! My Sweet Buns in the making :D

and the end result... yummy soft fluffy sweet buns!! Delicious!!

and last week my dearies .. it's all about fresh baked buns, pretzels & soft fluffy donuts !! Yummmmmmmmm!!

Till my next post sweeties!!


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